Bible Preaching

God uses preaching, which is a verbal proclamation of the Word of God, to reach the lost and encourage growth for the Child of God.  The Holy Spirit uses the whole counsel of the Word to gift faith, instruct us, and correct us if needed.  We desire to be loud where God is loud and silent where God is silent as the Gospel is preached and the entirety of the Word is declared.

Gospel Centered

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing, and the main thing is the Gospel.  Everything at The Hill Church has the good news of the Gospel at it’s center.  We preach it, teach it, interpersonally share it, sing about it, and with thanksgiving, praise God for the substitutionary death, burial, and the victorious bodily resurrection, which is the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation and will change you radically, dramatically, instantaneously, and eternally.

Great Commissioned

We not only believe in the Great Commission, but actively engage in it.  We are commissioned to share the Gospel, baptize new converts, and make disciples.  We seek to intentionally and purposefully share the love of Jesus in our community.  This is our mission, our mandate, and our motivation. Therefore, not only are we missional, but we are also missions minded and desire to prayerfully and financially support doctrinally sound, church sent missionaries, who are also focused on fulfilling the pending task of the Great Commission.

Passion for People

Gods passion is people!  He loves people so much that He sent His only Son to die for sinful, rebellious, broken people.  If we love God, how can we not love people?  It doesn’t matter to us who you are, what you look like, what you’ve been through or what you’ve done.  We are called to love people how they are and where they are.  We are just ordinary people transformed by the power of an extraordinary God, who experience life together as a family.

Family Focused

Not only are we accepted and adopted into the Family of God, when we trust Jesus as our savior, but we are also a church family at The Hill.  We do this crazy thing called life together.  The church can only be as strong as it’s weakest family, so we strive together to grow in our personal relationship with Jesus as a family unit.  We love to see grandparents worship with their children and grandchildren, as well as, encourage them in their personal walk.  The Hill Church is a family focused church and will continue to be as Satan wages war and counterfeits what God has ordained as a family.

Grace & Truth Balance

The Bible is an incredible sword and a horrible club.  Sometimes our position can be truthful, but our disposition can be harmful and hurtful.  We gladly stand for biblical truths, but strive to do it graciously.  We are not here to take the place of the Holy Spirit in your life or replace the Lordship of Jesus with our rules or traditions.