Have Questions?

Visiting a new church can be overwhelming and somewhat scary and you probably have tons of questions before you ever show up. We get it!

We worship in a warehouse, so whatever clothes is in your closet will be fine. We have a diverse church family, so you will see jeans and polos, as well as shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops.

We have multiple nurseries for various ages to accommodate all your kiddos, but we encourage you to let them experience Summit Student Worship. Summit Student Worship is an action packed, Bible based and Christ centered service geared specifically for kids. To learn more about Summit Student Worship, click here. You are also welcomed to keep them in the auditorium with you and worship together as a family.

There will be parking spaces available upfront for you and your family. We also have handicapped accessible parking just in case you might need it.

Please bring the one you read and get the most out of. We don't make a big deal about Bible translations.

You will hear old songs in a new way and new songs you are probably already familiar with. Our praise team desires to encourage and edify everyone in our services with energetic and uplifting music.

We have multiple small groups for all ages that you can plug into.